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Sooner or later each of us have to deal with a notary. This is not surprising, because through all our life we are accompanied by various kinds of documents and in most cases we cannot deal with them without qualified help. And, such situation is typical not only for Ukraine. Notarization services are widely used throughout the world. Today, we will talk about those cases when a foreign citizen in Ukraine needs to certify his documents by a notary, in particular medical certificates and extracts. It should be noted that also such services are handled with all sorts of documents: passports, certificates, diplomas, employment record books and so on. In such cases, a foreigner is forced to seek and address an interpreter in order that he will be present  in the notary's office during the notarial certification, and make sure that the client understands what is happening around. At the same time for the commission of such actions, the presence of a certified specialist is required, the translation and signature of which the notary must also assure.

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